Sunday, February 17, 2013

Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin (Ayurvedic Moisturizer)- Product Review

Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin

Hi all, today I am about to review Somi's Shine and Mint gel for sensitive skin. As I have been using Somi's ayurvedic products for the past few years and I am very satisfied with her products, like Glow Active and Glow Mint Moisturizer, so I thought to give a try to Somi's Gel products. Another reason for trying this gel is that I have a very sensitive (dry to combination) skin so I suffer a lot with skin problems throughout the year specially in summers. And as I have never seen a gel product specially made for sensitive skin so I was really very keen to try Somi's Shine and Mint gel..

Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin

What the product claims:
Though nothing much is written, about what this product does, on the product (package), I do follow Shomi's TV show there she claimed that this product (Shine and Mint gel) solves almost every skin related issues of sensitive skin like it helps to remove dark skin spots, it's works on pimples and rashes etc.

Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin Review

Each % gm contains:
Aqueous extract of- AS: Daruharidra 10mg, Rose 200mg, Jasthimadhu 10mg.
Other Ingredients - IP: Carbopol 15mg, Triethanolamine 0.015ml, Glycerine 0.5ml, Sorbitol (70% solun) 0.25ml, Propylene glycol 0.015ml.
Preservative: Sodium Benzoate 25gm. (IP)
Flavour - PFA:Mint0.05ml, Colour - Quinazarine Green SSOS D&C Act, Purified Water QS to 5ml.

Somi's Ayurvedic Product Review

Quantity: 35 gm
Price: 115 INR 
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture

How to use:
Shake well before use (I really don't really know how to shake a gel product... this is weird!!). After washing your face with Glow Active and Glow Shine Solution apply gently on face.

Somi's Shine and Mint Gel

Product designing/ Packaging:
This gel product comes in a plastic tub with an additional cap to avoid spillage and mess around the cap (like Fab India tub products). Overall the product has a very avarage packaging.

Somi's Shine and Mint Gel

Color, Consistency and Fragrance of the product:
This Shine and Mint Gel is a mehendi green in color. The texture is obviously gel like and it has a lovely fresh smell of mint leaves and aloe vera.

Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin

My experience with Somi's Glow Mint Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive skin:
As I am very satisfied with Somi's other ayurvedic products, I had lot of expectations from this product too but unfortunately it did not work for me that well. Firstly the product description is really bad, nowhere in the packaging nor on their website, they have mentioned what the product actually does and when & how to use it. Secondly, when I applied the gel on my face it didn't blend well, my skin couldn't absorb it and my skin felt little sticky. Few weeks back for the sudden change in weather I got some breakouts on my face, and as this product claims to be a sensitive skin gel product (as per Somi's brand), I applied it on my skin where I had pimples. But I couldn't see any visible results after a week of usage. It also couldn't hydrate my skin as well, so I'm really disappointed with this Shine and Mint Gel of Somi, especially when I am paying Rs. 115/- for just 35gms.

What I liked about the Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin:
  • Nice Fresh fragrance
  • Ayurvedic product (so completly safe on skin)
  • Needs a very little amount
  • Does not contains paraben 
  What I didn’t like about Somi's Shine & Mint Gel for Sensitive Skin:
  • Makes my skin a little sticky
  • Does not blend well
  • Does not hydrate skin well
  • Does not help to get rid off pimples or skin rash
  • Does not do what Somi claims about this product
  • Did not like the packaging
  • Texture is bit heavy
  • Not available in many parts of India
  • Pricey
Will I repurchase: 
No I won't because this gel didn't work for me at all, my regular classic Lactocalamine works for me far better, but I wish it worked.  :(

Indianblush rating:
  • Quality: 2/5
  • Fragrance: 3.5/5
  • Packaging: 1/5
  • Pricing: 1.5/5
  • Performance: 1/5
I hope you find this post useful. For further information you can visit their website


  1. Hi,Indianblush,
    I felt the same way about this product.

    1. thnks for sharing your view Sanchita.

  2. Hi, everyone. I am using shine and mint for last couple of months and i have got results.
    first use glow fresh or active according to your skin type. I use active then pat dry ur face. Take shine and mint gel on ur palm mix it with little water and apply. Don't rub. leave for few minutes skin will automatically absorb it then reapply just in dots on pimples or acne directly bt don't blend it. See the magic next day. Do this before going to bed..

  3. My skin is sensitive and has a prone to get yellowish when moisturizer is applied. I heard about somi's mint moisturizer. But not sure about its work on my skin..should I buy this product? I'm very confused ....I have used glow active ...and it does not have any side effects like other so called ayurvedic or aromatic product. It's not as good as it claims but good point is that it has no side effects.