Monday, February 18, 2013

Fabindia Mini Weekend Haul of Beauty Products

Mini Weekend Haul
Fabindia and the word tradition have somewhat become synonymous to each other. Over the years they have set such a benchmark in the quality and look & feel of traditional products that very few companies dare to actually reach there.

Fabindia Mini Weekend Haul of Beauty Products

I have been using FabIndia's personal care products for quite some time... and I can say that I am very much satisfied with them. I prefer using FabIndia's personal care products more in summers as they are very refreshing and rejuvenating. I personally feel that these products really help in making our body and mind stress-free.

Fabindia Mini Weekend Haul of Personal Care Products in Summer

Though I have been using FabIndia's products for many years, still there are some products that I haven't used yet. So This weekend I went to a nearby FabIndia store in Bhubaneswar to get hold of few more products from their personal care range, and In this blog post I will share the same with you all.
So here goes the list of  products with price that I picked from Fabindia..
  1. Body Spray Meadow Herbs (INR 165/-)
  2. Toner Neem Tulsi (INR 150/-)
  3. Bathing Bar Rose (INR 65/-)
  4. Vitamin E De-pigmentation Cream (INR 300/-)
  5. Avocado Foot Cream (INR 200/-)
  6. Orange and Cinnamon Face and Body Scrub (INR 250/-)

Fabindia Mini Body Spray Toner Soap Foot Cream Body Scrub Night Cream

I picked this Meadow Herbs Body Spray because its packaging really struck my eyes. Also the fragrance that is mentioned here is something that I have never tried.

Fabindia Meadow Herbs Body Spray

I wanted a toner badly so I searched for their tea toner but that was not in stock, so I picked up this Neem and Tulsi Toner.

I had heard about their Bathing bars but had never used them. So this time I made it a point to buy and try a bathing bar from their collection. I have used soaps of Lavender and Lemon flavour but the Rose flavoured Bathing soap was something that I was looking forward to use and moreover the beautiful aroma and the attractive, yet sober packaging of the Rose bathing bar compelled me to buy it :). 

Fabindia Rose Soap

I have heard a lot of good things about Fabindia's Vitamin E De- pigmentation cream so, I wanted to try it out.

Fabindia Vitamin E Depigmentation Cream

I use scrubber a lot, so I like to use different varieties of body scrubbers with different fragrances and I havn't used cinnamon flavour in scrubbers before, so I thought to try the Orange and Cinnamon Face and Body scrubber too.

Fabindia Orange and Cinnamon Gel Face and Body Scrub

As my skin is very dry and it gets worse in summer, especially my feet, so I picked this Avocado Foot cream for my foot care.

Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream

So I am gonna use these stuff and I will share the reviews with you soon. :)

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