Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Traditional Bengali Gold Necklace Designs with Price/ Bengali Traditioanal Wedding Jewellery - Gold Neckwear

Gold necklace plays a significant role in Hindu wedding attire.  Because of the constant increase in gold prices we sometimes get confused that how much money should we spend on our wedding jewellery. We often choose gold necklace designs that are not pocket friendly and some times we choose budgeted gold jewellery that fail to give us the desired look. In the past few weeks (as because it is wedding season) I have received alot of requests from my readers to share some budgeted, trendy and traditional Bengali wedding necklace designs, which have classy and elegant look and are also pocket friendly. So here I am sharing some gold necklace designs from my personal collection and some are googled.

Firstly, I will share some designs of Short or neck hugging Necklace. This gold necklace belongs to my personal collection and it was my first anniversary gift from my husband!

Bengali Gold Necklace for women

This necklace is very traditional in design. It also covers the whole neck area so beautifully that you do not need any more jewellery to accompany it. This neck piece is made up of 17gms of 22k gold.

traditional gold necklace with price

The gold necklace below is very special to me. It was designed by my grand mother and was worn by my maa on her wedding day, we call this Angur Lata Haar (Grape vine motif gold necklace). The design of this necklace is inspired by the Victorian era. This gold neck wear is made of 25 gms of 22k gold.

Below is a choker necklace design, these gold necklaces are very popular among Bengalees. This kind of bridal jewellery gives a very dazzling look. This traditional gold jewellery is made with 32gm of 22k gold.

gold choker necklace with price

Here is another modern and trendy design of gold necklace. I found it on the internet.

Bengali gold necklace
Following is another nice necklace. I really like this design, it is very trendy in design. The meenakari has given an elegant look to this gold necklace. This type of gold necklace is perfect for wedding or any sort of family occasions. This one is made of 35gm of 22k gold.

Modern Trendy Gold Necklace

Below is another type of necklace which is longer in size and called Sita Haar. These necklaces were very popular in 50s and 60s but now these Sita haar necklaces are again in fashion.

trendy and traditional necklace design

This single piece is enough to enhance the royal look within you. It is about 50gm and crafted with 22k gold.

traditional bengali gold jewellery

As this type of  jewellery is very common in wedding so I am sharing some more beautiful designs.

traditional gold jewelery

Heavy gold necklace
Bengali gold necklace for women

I hope this post was a bit of a help for you.

For current gold rates in different cities of India you can visit this link below.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests then please comment below.


  1. Very nice collection of gold necklace, I specially like the sita haar that you are wearing, very riyal and elegant too.

  2. Traditional gold necklaces have their own significance in Indian marriages and functions. I must say very nice collection of Indian necklaces. I especially liked that first one the most. I have never tried such necklace but I am sure it will give a royal and elegant look after wearing.

  3. This so pretty and wonderful design I like the net design very much…I will ask my jeweler to make exact design for me.

    Joint Replacement India

    1. Thnks Ragini, I hope you get that exact design on your necklace soon. :) And I will be glad if you can share the pictures of your necklace once its made.

  4. I loved this particular article.. you really have a awesome collection of nice jewellery!!!
    And your Husband also has very nice choice.... :)
    Please continue writing on jewellery more.....


    1. Thnks once again Tapol and will surely try to write more on jeweleries, btw what are your preferences? Do you like heavy or light weight jeweleries? And I have also conveyed your compliment to my husband, he seems to be very happy and said thnks to you. :)

  5. i want more ... more n more writing from u about jewellery ...love your blog

    1. Thanks for such inspiring comment... I will surely try to write some more on jewellery, but it would be even better if you let me know your choice, like what kind of jewellery you like the most, then I can try to write on them too and it's really good to hear that you love my blog, I am so glad you liked it. Please do visit again. Take care.

    2. i like to know more about different types of earrings(new and old designs with in 8-10grams) and light weight churi in new designs ....with in 10-11 grams

  6. same here...will u please post more of such designs with their weights ...m planning to get married next year nd these designs have really turned out to be be useful for me..

    1. First of all congratulations for your marriage! Good to hear that my article proved to be helpful for you, I will surely try to write some more on jeweleries soon. Take care.

  7. Nice post and jewelry pics are good , very useful and attractive topic for womens because they are very much interested in these topics

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  8. I like what ur grandma designed for ur mother. Very beautiful i must say. I am about to get married n i was looking for some elegant designs. I would like to have something like this. Thax for sharing.:)

  9. Hi.I really liked this blog...Beautiful collection of jewellery...Could u please post a few more designs for sita haar with their weight (designs within 50-60 gms)

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