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Indian/Bengali Bridal Make Up Packages with Pictures/ Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata

Indian Bridal Makeup Packages Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata
Life is beautiful "But" very busy!! And if you are an immigrant or Probashi Bengali and are planning to have your marriage in Kolkata then chances are that you are very busy in doing so many things in so less time. You can't explore Kolkata yourself, rather your schedule will not allow you to do this, and in turn have to rely on your relatives in Kolkata for the same.

Many a times even if you are ready to shell out money still you are not sure how good that person is in Bengali bridal make up. If you search the internet you can get many names who boast of good work, but on the wedding day you come to know what is the actual quality of their work when its too late. The previous works that these people show can be someone else's work also.

Few days back these were the questions that were running around in my mind as I was searching for a good bridal makeup artist in Kolkata for a friend of mine who stays in Delhi and was planning to get married in Kolkata (Calcutta). I was trying hard to find a good reliable bridal make up artist. A friend of mine suggested a parlour called "Saajo", near Shyambazaar, to me for my personal grooming.

Indian Bridal Make Up Packages Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata

Bengali Bridal Makeup Packages Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata

I went there for hair cut and saw that bridal makeup is also going on there as this is a wedding season. I was really happy to get such a beautiful solution to the question that was lingering in my mind for past few days.

Bengali Bridal Make Up Artist Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata

Bengali Best Bridal Make Pictures Kolkata

They were doing really very beautiful professional makeup and the brides were looking really ravishing. I reqested The owner of Saajo Mrs. Ruby Biswas to tell me more about the bridal makeup packages, process of the bridal makeup booking and also the services that they offer.

I was really amazed to know that they also provide free consultancy to the would be brides. They give tips for skin care and ways in which the brides can make their skin radiant before their marriage. They even suggest what type or color of saree will go well with what skin type. Mrs Ruby said that Jewellery, Saree, Veil all play a big role in the Bridal makeup so they also suggest what type of jewellery will look good with what saree. Sometimes they suggest the shop names too for the sarees.

Bridal Makeup

One unique thing that I got to know is that since a "Veil" is an inseparable part of Bengali bride's wedding attire, and brides have started wearing sarees of unconventional colors, getting matching veil becomes really difficult. So Mrs. Ruby has come up with a great solution to this problem, you can get your veil dyed in a matching color at saajo. In the above image the pretty pink veil was created by saajo specially for this bride.

Bengali Bridal Makeup Artist in Kolkata Saajo

Bengali Bridal Makeup Pictures

They have also suggested jewellery, flowers as head gear for this bride, I really love the look, she is looking gorgeous, isn't she? I just asked her to pose for me and she happily agreed. :)

bridal makeup artist in kolkata

What I loved most about this parlour is that they take care of each an every bride personally and do a lot of research for their best make up look. I was pretty satisfied with their service and booked a date for my friend. I called her up and explained all about saajo make up packages, but still she was skeptical and demanded a photo graphical proof (you know how we girls are!! :P), but then I realized that her request is justified, after all it was all about her wedding. So I thought to create a post on bengali bridal make up and came up with this.

bridal makeup artist in kolkata

I hope my friend and many more would be brides find this information helpful. :D
For further information and contact details you can visit their website


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  4. do you have any branch in new delhi also?

  5. I think the best part of the Bengali bride makeup is that art work which is done near the eyebrow, its looks so traditional. I would like to ask do you accept clients from Mumbai whose wedding are also taking place in Mumbai.

  6. What a surprise! That bride whose photo you have posted is a close friend of mine and whose wedding I attended :)

    1. Really?? Wow! I remember she looked like a princess and she's very sweet, give my best wishes if you meet her. Thanks :)

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