Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indian/Bengali Bridal Make Up Packages with Pictures/ Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata

Indian Bridal Makeup Packages Saajo Beauty Parlour Kolkata
Life is beautiful "But" very busy!! And if you are an immigrant or Probashi Bengali and are planning to have your marriage in Kolkata then chances are that you are very busy in doing so many things in so less time. You can't explore Kolkata yourself, rather your schedule will not allow you to do this, and in turn have to rely on your relatives in Kolkata for the same.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Best Facial Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin/Somi's Glow Mint Moisturiser (Ayurvedic Moisturizer)- Product Review

I have been eagerly searching for a really good moisturiser for the last few months, because the place that I have recently relocated is not complimenting my skin. It has been 10 months that I have moved to Bhubaneswar and within these few months my skin has become really patchy and dry because of the sudden change (earlier I used to stay in Delhi for long five years and my skin was pretty accustomed with the weather over there)of weather. earlier I did not bother about my skin that much, I thought it will be "OK" soon, until unless I noticed wrinkles on my face!!! I was desperate to get my healthy skin back. I tried some branded night creams like Pond's re-brightening but that really did not work for me, and for the wrinkles I tried Loreal revitalift night, which was working a bit on my skin but still I was not fully satisfied.

Then from a TV chat show I came to know about Somi's Glow mint moisturizer. Though I was familiar with this brand because I did use one of their product "Glow Active" when I used to stay in Delhi. But the unavailability of this particular brand in Bhubaneswar made me forgetful about the range. So, I asked my family to courier it to me and I have been using Somi's "Mint Moisturiser" (for dry sensitive skin) for the last two weeks. Now let me share some details about the product.

Facial Moisturizer-Somi's Glow Mint Moisturiser-Product Review

Shona badhano Shakha-Pola (Bengali name)/Gold Embedded Conch-Shell Bangle & Gold Embedded Red Lac Bangle Design:

A conch shell bangle, known as shankha in bengali, and a red wax/lac bangle, known as pola in Bengali, together signify a married bengali woman. Sakha-pola is an integral part of Bengali culture. They are worn by the married woman for the well being of their husband. Earlier I had written a post on "Sankha pola" and because many readers sent me mails and wanted to what all different popular designs are available in different shops, I am sharing some really beautiful designs that I found after research.
Here goes some nice designs of shona badhano shakha-pola (Gold Embedded Conch-Shell Bangle & Gold Embedded Red Lac Bangle).

Shona Badhano Shakha Pola

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Reflexium Serum Fluide- Expert Serie Product review / (Loreal hair serum Heat Protectant)

Hi today I am back with another review. I will review a hair serum for frizzy dull hair. I myself do suffer a lot with hair problems and mostly with dry, frizzy hair and as I do lot of styling with my hair, so I really have to look after them and for this I had to use lot of hair products to keep my hair manageable.
So today I will be reviewing L'Oreal Professional serum "Liss Ultime", it is a shine perfecting and heat protectant serum.
I came to know about Loreal Liss ultime serum ten months ago, It was suggested by my hairstylist. Before "Liss Ultime" I was using another hair serum which I really did not like that much. As I do lot of ironing and blowdrying with my hair, so my hair stylist asked me to change my regular brand of hair serum, coz it was not made to solve all my problems. So I gave L'Oreal Liss Ultime a try and here is the review...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Indian Gold Bangle Designs with Price/Bengali Traditional Gold Bangle Designs (Wedding Jewellery)

One of the most sought after ornament ( Bengali gold jewellery) among ladies is a gold bangle. In Bengal we call it "Bala". Despite the craze for Balas (gold bangles) many girls/ladies don't know much about their designs and types, and for this reason we often get confused and can not find the right design for ourselves. So I will share some designer gold bangle designs here, with the details of the design type along with the bengali names. I would also like to share some traditional and antique designs of gold bangles which are in themselves a statement and are very rare in design. I will also share the making cost and weight (in grams) of my collection of gold bangles. Some of the bangle designs are for daily wear and are trendy. Some designs are absolutely traditional which you can wear as wedding jewellery also.

 Now let me tell you about the bangle types. There are mainly two types of gold bangle.
  • Solid gold bangle/ Farpor Bala (Bengali name)
  • Wax filled gold bangle/ Gaala bhora Bala (Bengali name)
Solid gold bangle/ Farpor Bala (Bengali name):
This kind of Bengali gold bangles require a lot of gold for crafting (approximately minimum 20 grams for each bangle), because gold is a very soft metal and these solid gold bangles do not have any kind of filler (wax) inside them. Solid gold bangle gives a very classy and heavy look. These type of bangles are mainly worn as wedding jewellery these days.
I do have some personal collection of solid designer gold bangles, here are some photographs of them...

gold bangle design
gold bangle design

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ponds Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Treatment Review

A night cream is very important product in our daily skin care routine, specially in winter season. It is really hard to find a skin lightening and night treatment product in India, then I heard about this product.

I have been planning to write this post for the last few weeks and finally I am ready to give my feedback on this skin whitening (skin lightening) cream. I am using Ponds Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Treatment cream for the last three months, ya I know you must be thinking what took me so long to give a review on this product?!! well I really wanted to be sure with my review. Though I have a very dry (my skin type is dry to combination) skin, still I do not like to use greasy cream on my face (specially at night) and I heard that this product is non greasy, so I gave it a try. Now, without wasting any time here goes my review...