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Traditional Bengali Gold Wedding Jewellery - Part I

Traditional Bengali Bride

Bengali Wedding is not just a wedding, it's a festival. A Big day for every Bengali girl. Some girls even plan their wedding since childhood. Doesn't matter how modern she is, on her wedding day every Bengali girl wants her to be in a traditional attire only. Gold jewellery plays a major role in Bengali traditional wedding attire. In this post I am going to share some traditional wedding jewellery designs. Here I have posted some of my own wedding photos where I am wearing the ornaments, that I have inherited from my mother and grandmother, so you can understand how traditional and old are these jeweleries (some of the jeweleries are worn by my mother and grandmother on their wedding day).

1. Nath (Bengali name)/ nose ring: This ornaments are worn by piercing nose. It gives a very feminine look. In Bengali culture its tradition to wear a big sized Nath or nose ring. The bigger the ring, the higher is the status. That is why even today the ladies of well known traditional houses or Bonedi bari wear big size nose ring on the festive days.

Nath (Bengali name)/ nose ring

I have found some really nice design of Nath (Bengali name)/ nose ring on ebay, well these are not typical Bengali Nath, still you can wear them on your wedding.

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2. Paati haar (Bengali name)/ Broad flat necklace:
Paati haar is a very old and traditional design of Bengali ethnic jewellery. Its  a very commonly wore neck piece among Bengali ladies from rich families. During the times of Zamindars married women had to wear heavy gold jewellery to maintain their status and it was mandatory in those days. But, that time gold jewellery designs were mainly made up of golden wires and were very complex in design, it was very difficult to wear them all the time, some times it used to hurt the skin around the neck also. So, jewellery designers came up with a solution, they made a flat, broad neck-piece that was mainly made up of comfortable gold joints with heavy amount of gold in it, so that the ladies from rich families can maintain their fashion and status with comfort. This broad heavy gold necklaces came to be known as Paati haar. This information may not have a research or truthful base, but what I wrote here, is the information from my elders like grand-mother and aunty who lived in that era.
The Paati haar in the image below is made up of 55 gm of gold (22K).
Paati haar (Bengali name)/ Broad flat necklace

Paati haar (Bengali name)/ Broad flat necklace

I have found an amazing design of modern version of Paati haar from the internet...

3. Tairaa (Bengali name)/ Wedding Tiara Headpiece:
Bengali brides use to wear veils not chunny like other part of India does, in olden days when India was under British rule, it was a common factor to get inspired from British fashion by Bengali women, because, Bengali house wives were interacting with British women often in the term of learning piano or some party etc. Thus they got close to each others culture, Bengali women found the Christian wedding veil very attractive, and included it in Bengali wedding, only the color of the veil was different the bengali veils used to come in a pure crimson red color.

Now to tie up the veil tairaa was mainly used. A tairaa is combination of a mangtika and a tiara. it was elegent in look, and also helped tieing up the veil.

Tairaa (Bengali name)/ Wedding Tiara Headpiece

Aishwarya Rai wearing Projapoti(butterfly) Tairaa or butterfly Tiara on the film Chokher Bali. This is a very traditional design of Tiara, which was really popular amongst Bengali ladies.

4. Tikli (Bengali name) :
Tikli is a traditional Bengali forehead ornament worn by Bengali brides on the middle parting of her hair, are laced with a string of pearls and studded with a precious stone or beautiful gold design incorporated with excellent craftsmanship.

Tikli (photo courtesy:

5. Choker/ Chik (Bengali name) / Choker:
Choker/ Chik is a close-fitting necklace, worn high on the neck. Choker is a very broad jewellery which stays around your neck, it should not come down to your collar bone. Chik or a gold choker is almost an inch wide and studded with diamonds, pearls or precious stones.
Below is an image of a gold choker.

Chik/Choker (Bengali name) (photo
Here is another image of pearl Chik or Choker.

Chik/Choker (Bengali name)

I hope the information above was useful, very soon I will come up with more Bengali traditional jewellery designs in the squeal to this topic...

To see the Part II of this post, please click on the image below


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    1. Hi tweety, thnks for your appriciation, please do check out some more jewellery designs in my recent post - Traditional Bengali Gold Wedding Jewellery - Part II

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  3. many thanks for the grt info! what do we call Bracelet and Jhoomer (Passa) in Bengali?

    1. You are welcome! Bracelet are often called Maantasha and Jhoomer earings are called Jhumko in Bengali.

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