Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mehendi (Henna) Design for Wedding/ Mehendi (Henna) Design for Diwali/ Henna Tattoo Designs for your hands

Mehendi (Henna) Design is an inseparable part of Indian tradition. It is a form of skin decoration, done with Mehendi (Henna). Mehendi (Henna) designs are also known as Henna Tattoos. Mehendi designs are done on special occasions like wedding, Karva Chauth, Diwali (Deepavali), Bhaidooj etc. It is mainly done on palms and feet., where designs look the best because of the skin surface. In India wearing Mehendi (Henna) is considered very auspicious and thus it is an integral part of Indian culture, like in Indian weddings wearing Mehendi (Henna) is so important, that people celebrate the Mehendi wearing day separately.

Today here in India we are celebrating Diwali and for this auspicious occasion I have also tried some Mhenedi (Henna) designs on my hand & feet and  would love to share the same. I used some ready to use Mehendi (Henna) cones which are easily available in any beauty store in India, if you stay out of India, then you can get the Mehendi (Henna) cones in any Indian beauty store near you. Being a lefty I could only apply Mehendi on my right hand and feet. Here is a photo how I started...

Wedding Mahendi Design for Hand

Wedding  or Festive Mahendi Design for Hand

Design I did on my feet...

Wedding  or Festive Mahendi Design for Feet

When I was done with the design, I left it to dry for over night. I waited for the Mehendi to peel off automatically, I did not scratch it with my hand and nor did I wash it off. On the next morning I put some coconut oil on hands & feet, this helps in making the design look darker.
And here is the final look for my Mehedi. The color came out sooo nice that even I could not believe my eyes....I am so loving it :)

Wedding  or Festive Mahendi Design for Hand

Tip: If you really want your Mahendi design to look darker, then let it be in the open air, never put excessive oil or some other creme, just wait for few hours, the Mehendi itself will do the job for you :D

Wedding  or Festive Mahendi Design for Hand

Hope this post was helpful. :)

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