Saturday, November 10, 2012

Easy Way to Do Eye Makeup/ Learn Eye Makeup

Girls think that Eye Makeup is too complicated and are confused about the same. So here I have tried to clear the confusion by writing an easy and simple step by step eye makeup tutorial.

The following tutorial is a very simple eye makeup, which can be worn on daily basis. To make this tutorial very easy I have only used four shades i.e. matte gray as middle tone, lighter shade of gray for the inner corner of the eyes, silver color as a highlighter on brow bone and dark kohl for the crease and the outer lid of my eyes. I have also used :-
I) Maybelline Colossal kajal on my water line
II) Lakme Absolute precision liquid liner,
III) Lakme Absolute flutter secrets dramatic eyes mascara,
IV) eye primer (you can use Urban decay eye primer or a foundation base to hold your eye makeup) and basic  
V) eye shadow applicator brush.

In the image above I have numbered the areas, so that I can easily explain you where to apply which shade....
The area numbered as 1. is called brow bone area, here we put the highlighter or the lighter shade of your palette, 2. outer lid of eye, here I have used darkest shade (kohl) of the palette, 3. middle of lid, where you should put a base tone, I have used matte gray, 4. inner corner of your eye, use lightest shade of the palette or the highlighter you have used, I have used a silver shade. The 5th and 6th area is your outer lower lash line, I have used the matte gray, you can just use your kohl pencil to line this area and 7. is the inner corner of your eye, where you can use the same silver shade.
Now the steps are...

Step 1 - Apply eye primer and blend it properly.
Step 2 - Apply the base color on 3/4 of the eye lid area (middle lid and inner corner)

Step 3 - Now to the outer lid (i.e. numbered as area 2 and 5) use a darker shade or kohl to give a proper shape to your eyes. Now blend the base tone with kohl.
Step 4 - Use the lightest shade on your inner corner ( numbered as 4 and 7), blend colors properly.
Step 5 - Put highlighter on brow bone area.
Step 6 - Now line up your eyes with black eye liner and put on some kohl to your lower water line.
Step 7 - Line up your eye brows with some dark shadow(do not over do), it will give your eyes more depth.

Step 8 - Curl your lashes & put some mascara.

Hope you like it. :)


  1. really helpful tutorial...thnks:-)

  2. Thank yu so much for this tutorial :) really helped me a lot xoxo

  3. Thank yu so much for this tutorial,it really helped me a lot xoxo