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Traditional Bengali Gold Wedding Jewellery - Part I

Traditional Bengali Bride

Bengali Wedding is not just a wedding, it's a festival. A Big day for every Bengali girl. Some girls even plan their wedding since childhood. Doesn't matter how modern she is, on her wedding day every Bengali girl wants her to be in a traditional attire only. Gold jewellery plays a major role in Bengali traditional wedding attire. In this post I am going to share some traditional wedding jewellery designs. Here I have posted some of my own wedding photos where I am wearing the ornaments, that I have inherited from my mother and grandmother, so you can understand how traditional and old are these jeweleries (some of the jeweleries are worn by my mother and grandmother on their wedding day).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mehendi (Henna) Design for Wedding/ Mehendi (Henna) Design for Diwali/ Henna Tattoo Designs for your hands

Mehendi (Henna) Design is an inseparable part of Indian tradition. It is a form of skin decoration, done with Mehendi (Henna). Mehendi (Henna) designs are also known as Henna Tattoos. Mehendi designs are done on special occasions like wedding, Karva Chauth, Diwali (Deepavali), Bhaidooj etc. It is mainly done on palms and feet., where designs look the best because of the skin surface. In India wearing Mehendi (Henna) is considered very auspicious and thus it is an integral part of Indian culture, like in Indian weddings wearing Mehendi (Henna) is so important, that people celebrate the Mehendi wearing day separately.

Today here in India we are celebrating Diwali and for this auspicious occasion I have also tried some Mhenedi (Henna) designs on my hand & feet and  would love to share the same. I used some ready to use Mehendi (Henna) cones which are easily available in any beauty store in India, if you stay out of India, then you can get the Mehendi (Henna) cones in any Indian beauty store near you. Being a lefty I could only apply Mehendi on my right hand and feet. Here is a photo how I started...

Wedding Mahendi Design for Hand

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Easy Way to Do Eye Makeup/ Learn Eye Makeup

Girls think that Eye Makeup is too complicated and are confused about the same. So here I have tried to clear the confusion by writing an easy and simple step by step eye makeup tutorial.

The following tutorial is a very simple eye makeup, which can be worn on daily basis. To make this tutorial very easy I have only used four shades i.e. matte gray as middle tone, lighter shade of gray for the inner corner of the eyes, silver color as a highlighter on brow bone and dark kohl for the crease and the outer lid of my eyes. I have also used :-
I) Maybelline Colossal kajal on my water line
II) Lakme Absolute precision liquid liner,
III) Lakme Absolute flutter secrets dramatic eyes mascara,
IV) eye primer (you can use Urban decay eye primer or a foundation base to hold your eye makeup) and basic  
V) eye shadow applicator brush.

Lakme Lipstick – Lakme Lip Love Lipstick Shade Sangria Seduction - Review, Price and Photos

This lipstick from Lakme Lip Love is very tinted & moisturizing. Price of Lakme Lip Love is Rs 550. It also has SPF 16 in it.The color of Lakme Lip Love Sangaria Seduction is very nice, It's very close to a wine shade. Here I have shared the Sangaria Seductive color shade swatches in day light & studio light. I really love the color.

lakme, lakme lipstick, sangaria seduction, wine colour

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Traditioal and Trendy Bengali Wedding Jewellery Designs/ Bengali Gold Jewellery Design

Bengal is famous for it's traditional food, sarees & jewellery, specially the gold jewellery. Gold has a special place in Bengali tradition too... like in Bengali weddings people must have gold as jeweleries, because in Bengali culture it is believed that gold brings happiness & prosperity to the newly wed couple.
Being a Bengali myself, I am totally in love with gold jewellery. Just like the other parts of India West Bengal too has some trademark & fascinating designs in the crafting of gold jewellery. But as years passed, some of the most exclusive Bengali gold jewellery designs got lost. But thanks to our elders, who still believe in tradition & sentiment, are able to keep some precious designs with them. Also some Bollywood movies like Devdas, for which Bengali gold jewellery has become really famous & it also helped in keeping the Bengali jewellery art alive.
Even I have inherited some traditional Bengali gold jewellery from my mother & grandmother. I am lucky enough to have the same ornaments that my grandmother wore on her wedding day. I would love to share every bit of sentiments that are attached with them.
Firstly, in this post, I have shared some trendy & traditional daily wear Bengali gold jewellery designs followed by Bengali traditional wedding jewellery designs along with their Bengali names. So, that you can easily search for them on the Internet or in gold jewellery shops.
So here goes some of the daily wear Bengali gold jewellery designs:

1. Gaala bhora bala (Bengali name)/Wax filled gold bangle:
Traditional Bengali Jewellery
Gaala bhora bala (Bengali name)/Wax filled gold bangle

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About Indian Blush!!

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So girls, who don't want to spend that much of time on their beauty regime can find my blog a bit of a help (well I hope you find it helpful :) )

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